Digital Therapy, Inc. Demonstration Program

Everyone has to deal with life problems and periodic challenges. When the load is too heavy or we feel stuck, we suffer with stress, anxiety or depression. That's when people seek psychotherapy. The therapist's job is to help identify the right problem and the right potential solution.

Digital therapy is another way of doing the same thing.It has proven to be safe and effective for over 100,000 patients and users in various medical (hospitals and outpatient clinics) and non-medical online programs.

This program takes you step-by-step down a clear common sense path (what's bothering you, what can you do about it, and why don't you do it?). That's what we would like to demonstrate: how we do that.

When a person is suffering and looking for solutions, that person is highly motivated and intensely focused while using the program. That very engaged experience is difficult to replicate when you are investigating and evaluating a program without that personal mindset.

With that in mind this demonstration will start with a portion of the program that will engage everyone to some degree so you can at least have a small taste of the real experience.

We will start with a personal goal, the goal to be better at some life skill that you know you should work on but never quite do anything about it. Knowing and not doing erodes your confidence, makes you more sensitive to criticism, and often leads to cover-ups that strain relationships and complicates all other life challenges.

Let's get started.

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