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Free yourself from emotional eating with our 12-step online program

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Here's how Shrink Yourself helps
you lose weight and keep it off
The Shrink Yourself online program safely guides you
through the steps required to control emotional eating
in order to maintain weight loss through:

. 12 guided sessions
. 12 weekly workbooks
. 10 activities to keep you on track
. Your own personalized Hunger Coach program

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Are you an emotional eater?

Take our FREE emotional eating diagnostic and uncover the 5 ways food is controlling you.

Discover Shrink Yourself: The End of Emotional Eating
I'm Dr. Roger Gould, author of the book Shrink Yourself which I've transformed into this online program.

We fail at weight loss and control because we are emotionally hungry. Stress pushes us to food in order to cope, which makes dieting & willpower effective for only a very short time.

Shrink Yourself uncovers the issues behind your emotional eating, then provides you with the tools to handle them, leaving you with the ability to eat for health and simple pleasure again, and in control of your weight for good.

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